How The Tech Professionals Defeat Challenges in Leadership

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3 min readJun 6, 2021

Most of the young talents face new challenges during their journey in leadership. However, with the Turing Talent Leadership Program, you can overcome these challenges and get back to enjoying the part of the work that you love most.

Don’t let common challenges hold you back from your journey because there is always a way that you can overcome these challenges as a tech professional.

Keep the following tips in mind!

Challenge 1: Building The Right Team
How To Overcome It: Dig Deeper

Finding specialized people who’ve kept up with the skills needed to evolve your work will help you to overcome this challenge. The better diverse talent you have on your team, the more time you can spend on innovating at a high-level. The key to success is focusing on the young talents who are specialized in process, performance, and people. Even McClarty says, “Identifying these different ways of working, and talking with the teams to set clear expectations of goals, using each culture’s strength, when possible, is key.”

Challenge 2: Being a Woman
How To Overcome It: Focus On Results

According to, the technology industry is still dominated by men, and for female tech talents, the disparity is nearly tangible. However, when you focus on your work, and not what people think of your gender, you’re empowered to do better and be more effective because results are always gender agnostic.

Challenge 3: Avoid The Bandwagon Effect
How To Overcome It: Focus On Reliability and Be Unique

The tech leaders are in charge of fulfilling the promise of transformation and innovation. However, you can’t succeed it with this mentality: ‘’They have it, we need it too.’’ Establish your skills with your unique motives and strengths in the first place. Be creative.


Challenge 4: Matching Young Talents With The Right Place
How To Overcome It: Join The Turing Talent Leadership Program

For tech professionals, one of the core challenges is finding the right place. But with the Turing Talent’s Leadership Program designed for tech professionals, you can easily overcome this challenge. Because this program offers a leadership curriculum, world-class mentorship, and cross-industry network so that young talents can build their career goals in the right place.

Don’t face these challenges alone, let Turing Talent accompany you during this journey.



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