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Turing Talent’s New Blog Post Series

Turing Talent’s Inspiring Intern

Turing Talent’s goal is to develop technical talent in a well-rounded set of skills to perform at their best in industry environments. We do that by combining training designed by industry veterans, mentorship from industry leaders, and a cross-industry peer network. Briefly, we surround our talents with only people who are going to lift them higher.

In the Turing Talent’s inspiring interns blog post series, we recognize new faces in tech and have their inspirational stories in order to encourage all talents. This week, we will host an aspiring data scientist. Aditi Dutta is currently working at Sundar, Inc., which she finds it through Turing Talent’s internship program. We have asked many questions to her concerning her internship and Turing Talent’s Leadership Program. And now, Aditi will take us her exciting journey in tech by answering the questions.

Hi Aiditi! Thank you for agreeing to this interview. Let’s start with your background, could you tell me about your background please?

My Bachelor’s is in computer science and engineering, which I did that from India. Then, I did my masters in data science, becoming a data scientist intern.

Did you have any previous experience before starting the Turing Talent leadership program?

I have done a few internships before I had done one more data science internship, which I finished just before starting this one. Before that, I also did some work as well. If you ask me about experiences like working with different companies and being a part of the team and joining in that project, and all that. Yes, I did have experiences like that. For example, at a company which I’m working in right now, my involvement is much more than my previous internships because in those companies I would just be assigned to a single person who would be my supervisor. But with this company, I even attend the daily call. Maybe I do not have to attend every day but I do attend weekly sessions and also maybe more than once a week. And apart from their interaction with supervisors, this is more interesting and I’m getting to learn more.

How did you find out about this program of Turing Talent?

Amazingly, I found it through social media, I suppose it’s from Facebook, like you get various ads from there and also different programs. I found about this program from there. And also, from my college career coach who gave us detailed information about Turing Talent.

Interesting! What were your expectations from this leadership program?

My expectations were to enhance my knowledge because even though I have a background in data science, I haven’t done much work in data science before I did my masters. So, I will say that it’s been just over a year since I started doing data science. That’s why I wanted to be more involved. Moreover, there is a lot of competition after Brexit and Pandemic; therefore, as an international student I had to stand out. In this regard, my focus was to enhance my knowledge in this internship and also to get experience so that I can go for further studies or any kind of job.

That’s right! Experience is the key to success. Well, what about projects? What projects did you build/work during your internship?

I’m doing unification of addresses from their data set right now, which is taking more time than I thought. It will be finished by now, but it’s proving to be more difficult than I imagined because of a lot of unstructured data. So, that is what I’m currently working on and apart from that, I also like getting to know what other people in the company are doing so that I am staying abreast with everything that is happening in the company.

Which technologies did you use Aiditi?

I am using Python primarily. I will also be using AWS in the future. Basically, these are the two technologies.

What qualities did you gain during the leadership program?

I’m in the process of learning. That’s why my interaction with other people from the company “how can I interact and be a part of the meeting” makes me feel more involved. I can say one thing that I gained during this leadership program, which is that my interpersonal skills are getting more technical. But also, my interpersonal skills would be more beneficial to me because I don’t have any experience on that.

How did the leadership program contribute to your long-term career goals?

This leadership program contributed to my long-term career goals in terms of building my skills. I’m sure that it will help me in the long run. Moreover, we can talk about the knowledge which I’ve gained so far, which I will be able to use for my studies or jobs in the future.

How did Turing Talent play a role in finding an internship for you and in helping during the application process?

This is a great question! I don’t know what the word is but they are like a bridge to getting to the internship. It was not like I specified my interest. Basically, on my first interview, I liked the fact that I was asked what I wanted for the job. Mostly, while applying for jobs, the job description is important. However, in this internship “you are important”. Everything was about me. The rule was selected and suggested to me by the team, that is something which I like.

“A bridge” cannot be a wrong description for Turing Talent because as you said before, we match the right talent with the right company. We value you.

Exactly! You guys knew which companies I wanted with which kind of rules. 😊

Lastly, what do you say to people considering joining the leadership program of Turing Talent?

It is a great opportunity for everyone because whoever I’ve interacted with like their sessions in between where we get to interact with other members, I’ve seen that they are enjoying their role and they’re getting to learn from their roles. Also, they have started a mentorship program recently, as well. Those resources are being given to us, that is one of the things which I like. Moreover, as I said before, they’re acting as a bridge which is great!

Thank you Aiditi for your truly inspiring journey in tech. Although it was a short interview, you shared valuable information with us. Wishing you good luck in your future!



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