The Balance Between Past and Future: The Importance of Present in Leadership

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3 min readMay 21, 2021


Leaders are usually distracted by the past and worrying about the future. This situation hinders leaders from being effective and motivated. Neither the past nor the future are the places to dwell, but the present is created as the best place to live as long as you combine your past and future with your present!

The Turing Talent Leadership programme encourages the young talents to create greater self so that potential leaders can rebuild the past, master the moment, and co-create the future with the aid of this program.

‘’Past’’ experiences and ‘’future’’ expectations create ‘’interactions’’!

Interactions (the present) are placed at the centre of leadership development, but interactions are useless without the support of (the past) experiences. And the most important thing, which contributes to the progress in leadership, is (the future) expectations. As you can see, the future builds up the moment whereas the past bolsters the importance of the present.

Recreate your past!

Leadership is learnt through experience. And you can always recast these experiences in the way of becoming a successful leader. For instance, each experience comes with its challenges. Turning these challenges into a powerful experience helps you in ‘’the present.’’ Also, learning from your experiences takes place over time, and what makes it perfect is that all the past experiences are dynamic. In this process, you can rethink your challenges, finding missing information, and identifying misperceptions so that you can bring a clearer vision into the present moment.

Master your moment!

Concerning the importance of ‘’the moment’’, communication and relationships are the most valued factors in leadership. As it is stated, the moment is reinforced by the experiences, which contributes to the process through bringing the right strengths to the relationships. And the dynamism provides the leaders to communicate in the right style. Besides, diverse perspectives and disciplines are brought out to the moment with the help of the future because the key points of the moment -communication and relationship- build up the co-creation between the leaders.

Co-create your future!

Conducting powerful goals-oriented conversations and clarifying desired results yield a nearly limitless spring of energy and passion to help leaders persevere and succeed in creating their ‘’future’’ during the whole leadership process.

Leaders become better equipped for productive interactions in the present by shifting past perceptions and determining a vision. Stay tuned to be aware of bringing your past and future into your moment to make a difference in leadership!



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